I've always loved movies. Now, I'm creating my own.

My love for film developed at a young age, as every Friday night, it became tradition for my father and I to go to the movie theater. I have always thought of life as one Directors Cut of a movie, therefore I feel it is needed to show my own to the world. To do this, I have become a Digital Media Production major with a concentration in Corporate Media.

I am also an advocate for women in film and in many ways call myself a feminist by the core definition. I am hoping I would be able to inspire other girls to pursue careers in media as well, and I strive for equal rights between both genders.

Showcased on this site are videos I have created for my classes as long as shorts and skits I have worked on for my own development. Email or DM me on social media if you'd like to collaborate or find out a little more about me!